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Rome wasn’t built in a day... And nor are our products!

Many years of trying and testing has brought us to this point. A point in time we can truly say, hand on heart, that our product is built to last. Through thick and through thin, The55 will be your companion in fitness, helping you exceed your current fitness goals and taking you to a new place, beyond goals, where it’s just You and The55, being your best. 

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An ultimate workout

Having endured physical, mental and environmental extremes whilst serving in the UK Military, our founding team understand what goes into an ultimate workout.  We’ve packaged this up in one product -  a fitness training companion that will help you reach The levels we have in being physically confident. The journey to getting there will be tough, but like with everything in your life. – you got this! 

Quality, durability, and versatility

Offering unrivalled quality, durability and versatility, The55 is one product to replace the rest.  We are a brand for everybody. And we are here to support, encourage, empower, challenge and push you.

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Our brand values


Excellence takes patience and perseverance, and we embody them both.


Exercitationem rerum at excepturi sit non quas est qui eum.


We care about what we do, products we create, and the customers we serve.


Real strength comes from within. Only by unlocking our inner strength...

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