Your companion in fitness anywhere you go

The55 is the ultimate, go-anywhere fitness accessory. Born on the battlefield, out of personal experience, its robust, innovative design means that you can train efficiently and effectively in any environment. 

The55’s patented four chamber design allows you to add or subtract weight as you need it. This can be done with our pre-filled, weighted inserts, or simply by using materials such as gravel or sand.

Designed to thrive when other equipment can’t, and to be pushed beyond the limits where other products fear to go, The55 is the only piece of kit you need. At home. In the park. On the field. At the beach. Anywhere you go.

The55 Community

What sets 
The55 apart?

unique, patented design

The55 is the ultimate multi-functional fitness bag. Its patented four chamber design allows you to add and subtract weight as you need it. Whether you use our customised, pre-filled, weighted inserts, or fill The55’s four internal chambers with gravel or sand, the easy-access zipper chambers and velcro straps make changing up your workout weight easy. The55’s unrivalled quality and durability means you can take it anywhere, and work it as hard as you want.

The optimum training programme

SE55IONS is The55’s Training Programme, which is designed to provide you with everything you need to get the most out of your 55. Created by fitness industry professionals, SE55IONS ensures you start  training correctly from the word go, and continue to learn and master the broad range of workouts that are available to you with The55.

Convenience without compromise

Our global network is ready to serve you

Our skilled manufacturers are based in the UK, and our global network is ready to serve you – with the highest quality products and education.

Born from real life experience, our meticulously considered, quality products are durable, robust and made to last. With multiple uses, our products can be taken anywhere, and fit into any routine – giving you convenience without compromise. We offer all our customers support, training and educational resources to support them on their fitness journeys. Welcome to The55 community.

The55 Values


Excellence takes patience and perseverance, and we embody them both.


Real strength comes from within. Only by unlocking our inner strength do we truly grow.


We care about what we do, the products we create, and the customers we serve.


As fitness industry experts, we understand what it takes for you to be your best.